Do you have a mobile service?
Yes we do we! unlike most locksmiths and security companies we offer both our mobile service and our retail store for your convenience.

Can you cut “chip” Keys?
We can copy most any late model transponder key. We can even program keyless entry remotes.

Do you deliver safes?
Yes we do, up and down stairs and anchored to the floor whatever you need.

What is a Master Key?

A master key is a key that is designed as part of a system. That system has multiple keys that operate individual doors or individual sets of doors while the master key operates all doors in the system. Master keying is used to secure different areas of buildings while giving necessary access to employees who need access to their area while keeping the area secure. The system is maintained by your locksmith and changes can be made to your system as needed while keeping your master key working in your building.

What is Access Control?
Access Control is a way of controlling access to your business without handing out traditional mechanical keys. Access Control allows you to control when and where employees have access and then creates a record when they entered the building. This also gives you the flexibility of removing access when needed without getting out of your chair.

What is an IP camera?
Internet protocol camera used in surveillance systems is a network based camera powered and viewed from the computer network. IP cameras are superior in every way to their analog CCTV counterparts offering 3-4 times the resolution.

My keys were stolen do I need new locks?
No whether it was your car, home, or business you simply need to give us a call and we can rekey the stolen keys that currently operate the locks to new keys that only you possess, saving you grief, time, and money.

My key says “DO NOT DUPLICATE” how do I get a copy?
At LockTech, we require company letterhead with logo and written authorization to duplicate DO NOT DUPLICATE KEYS, but unfortunately home centers and hardware stores do not always follow the moral and ethical code that goes with those keys. If you want a true DO NOT DUPLICATE key system we offer legal binding restricted keys that prevent duplication without end user permission.

Where should I buy my safe?
Big box stores typically only sell imported metal or plastic boxes, yes I said plastic that offer little to no protection against fire or theft but they do make you feel nice. We are security professionals that know how safes should be constructed to give you the most fire and security protection for your money. We only sell security products that we believe in and have tons knowledge that we would be happy to share with you.

Electronic safe dial or mechanical safe dial?
There is no wrong answer here. It comes down to your needs. Mechanical safe dials are proven but tedious, electronic dials are hugely convenient but require batteries. We typically say if you’re in your safe often then it’s worth the upgrade to electronic but if it sits then stay with mechanical.

Do locks keep honest people honest?
We have all heard this but my response has always been how honest would you like them to be? Not all door hardware is created equal even more so when installed improperly. High quality locking door hardware installed properly will make huge strides in keeping you and your family safe.

Can you open cars?
Yes! 24hrs a day 7 days a week

I made a copy and the original works but the copy doesn’t?
If it was copied at home center its very likely they didn’t duplicate it correctly. But every time a key is duplicated it loses some of its original integrity. So a copy of a copy of a copy will eventually stop working. If you have an original key it’s always a good idea to make copies from that, duplicating a worn key only gives you a copy of a worn key.

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